Evans City/Seven Fields Regional Police Department Mission Statement

The Mission of the Evans City/Seven Fields Regional Police Department is to enhance the quality of life and deliver superior services with professionalism, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence to all within all communities served.

Full Time Position Available

Part Time Position Available

Speed Reports

Margaret Ave. WB 10.30.2019 thru 11.7.2019

Harrison St. S. Washington St. 12.27.2019 thru 1.4.2020

Main Street Hill WB 11.16.2019 thru 11.29.2019

School Zone WB 1.4.2020 thru 1.29.2020

Sycamore 11.12.2019 thru 12.9.2019

West Main St. EB 12.11.209 thru 12.20.2019

Franklin Rd. NB 12.26.2019 thru 1.6.2020

Cumberland Westburn SB 12.9.2019 thru 12.23.2019

Belle St. NB 11.29.2019 thru 12.8.2019

Mars Crider @ Sycamore Dr. 10.30.2019-11.9.2019

South Washington St. SB 10.20.2019-10.25.2019

Northridge Dr. NB 10.18.19-10.30.2019

Northridge SB 10.16.2019-10.29.2019

RT 228 E 10.4.2019-10.15.2019

May Lane 9.22.2019-10.3.2019

Castle Creek @ Saxony 9.13.2019-9.25.2019

Franklin St SB 9.4.2019-9.10.2019

Mars Crider @ Graywick WB 8.31.2019-9.13.2019

Warrick Dr NB 8.26.2019-9.19.2019

Extended Speed Summary Report Crider Road WB 7.10.2019-8.8.2019

Extended Speed Summary Report RT 68 Edco Park 7.8.2019-7.13.2019

Extended Speed Summary Report Pioneer Road NB 7.22.2019-8.8.2019

Extended Speed Summary Report Pattison Street NB 7.22.2019-8.8.2019

Evans City/Seven Fields Regional Police Department

Residents are asked to notify their home security companies of the change in Police Departments.
The Police Department will have an office at:

2200 Garden Drive, Suite 200A
Seven Fields, PA 16046

For all police matters please dial 911

In Seven Fields (Butler County), you must dial 9-1-1 for Police, Fire and EMS services.

The Butler County 9-1-1 center manages all requests for service and support. Calling office numbers will result in a delayed response. We understand that callers may be uncomfortable dialing 9-1-1 for what they feel is a non-emergency, however, the 9-1-1 system in Butler County tracks all calls and dispatches the necessary law enforcement or emergency personnel through 9-1-1. Calling 9-1-1 ensures the proper response and follow-up. An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire, and/or an ambulance. Examples include:

  • to report a crime, especially if in progress
  • to report a car accident, especially if someone is injured
  • to report a fire
  • in a medical emergency
  • to report a suspicious vehicle and/or person
  • to report a missing person
  • to report a drunk driver
  • if you witness someone littering or loitering
  • if you witness people yelling, screaming or fighting
  • if you lock your keys in the car

Call the Evans City/Seven Fields Regional Police Department administrative office, 724-591-5993, only in these instances:

  • to follow-up on an existing case
  • inquire about an ordinance
  • request a copy of a police report
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